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Sofi's Stories & Liv's Lyrics! Happy 4th of July Weekend!

Hope you all having a safe Independence Day Weekend!

Olivia has been working on a new song that we are producing. She goes by the name AIR. The lyrics she wrote "Alive & Happy" are so inspiring and uplifting, I submitted her song to the No Risk Fee Film Fest. Happy to share that her song is now an official selection of the AOF MEGAFEST!

A lot of plans have changed this year. I couldn't be prouder of Olivia for making so many fabulous pieces of new jewelry, and writing poetry and songs.

Posted a few of her new "Summer" pieces! Colorful and fun!


I started up a Facebook page for kids called Story Time for the Kiddos. Check it out! Each improvised story is 60 seconds or less. All in fun for the kiddos! Here's one to check out! New stories are posted regularly!

Hope you all are doing well, and staying safe and healthy and a fabulous holiday weekend!

Thanks for visiting!

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Sofi & Liv

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