Riding on the back of a Harley

Was able to meet up with a friend who has a Harley Davidson motorcycle. While we were catching up, I happened to mention how "cool" it would be to go for a ride -- an experience I was willing to try.

He agreed. (Which reminded me of the saying -- be mindful what you ask for!)

We made plans for Saturday morning, knowing temps would be in the high 90s. Having been a fan of hot yoga, I figured -- why not?

Found my cowboy boots and dug out the non-ripped jeans. He suited me up in a leather jacket, a full face helmet, and leather gloves. A quick how to lesson of signals, and off we went.

The 101 North was not as empty as I had hoped. I suppose folks were heading to the beach. It was interesting to see drivers in large SUVs on their phones while driving. I realized the only thing I had to hold on to was the person in front of me.

I could have had him stop and take an Uber home, but ... Instead I opted to surrender to the Universe.

The concept of surrendering to the universe is one I've been contemplating for a while now. Especially with this pandemic.

When we rode the canyons not far from the coastline, the sky was a beautiful baby blue. To feel the wind and the heat was such an amazing experience. I thought of Peter Fonda on his Harley in that movie -- Easy Rider, and thought how cool it would be if I could take off the helmet and let my hair just fly (didn't do that, but imagined it).

Several hawks flew above us. Could see the golden browns and whites of their wings and how effortlessly they seemed to float in the sky.

A swarm of what seemed to be about twenty black birds (crows? ravens?) was soon overhead. That was amazing to look at, as the birds seemed to glide crossing in front of the others making figure eights or circles, like a choreographed dance.

Everything felt so alive.

We stopped and looked out into the clear blue sky and lush greens lining the terrain that lead to the sea. The palate of colors felt inspiring. Hikers were going to and from a trail that dove into the canyon. The sounds of souped up Porches caught our attention as they were racing and came to a stop near us.

It felt good to have fun. To break up the normal routine and do something different. Stories came to mind for characters I had created. There was a lightness of being in this surrender of being that felt absolutely amazing.

With everything happening because of politics and pandemic and the "regular routine" of having to do "stuff," it felt truly liberating to just be in the flow of being.

Decided to keep that feeling with me as long as possible, especially now that I am back to my routine.

love & blessings all! #BeSafe #BeFree #BeYou

xoxo Sofi

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