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Jewelry by Liv - Infused with Love!

Liv learned to crochet a couple of years ago. She would create beautiful necklaces as gifts. But when the pandemic had everyone staying home (her job was dissolved because of Covid), she began making jewelry again.

She said her goal is to make 500 pieces. Why 500? Her response: "It's just my goal. I'm inspired to do it."

Inspiration is definitely a good thing.

It really is amazing to watch her create. She surrounds herself with all of her materials and puts much thought into how she designs each of her patterns. Each new piece she gives a name.

Liv makes her pieces with the intention of mixing and matching, to wear alone, or layer them up. Even wrap around your wrist as a necklace.

Or if you feel like it, wear as a crown.

Liv's jewelry is made from the heart!

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