Interius with Del Weston

I have to admit, I love it when people take an idea and just run with it. It feels like more than ever, now is the time to do that!

Del Weston, an incredible multi-talented friend, started his own podcast! Woot woot!!


Happy to say I am part of it, with an amazing group of talented people. Del took the time to chat with each of us to give us a platform to share who we are and what we're doing.

Each episode is fun and informative. Del is a wonderful host. Right now you can find interviews with Xiaoyun Wu, Harold L. Brown, Stan Harrington, Anabelle Munro, Jillisa Lynn, Erin Miracle, Shannon Murray, Alex Guarino, Barry Gaines, Carlos Antonio Leon, Amy Leigh McCorkle, Laurel Adler, Rickey Bird, Kauthar Des Jackson, and me. :).

Del does make an incredibly generous offer regarding my website and AOF Megafest (which is still happening this summer!). Check out our chat, and let me know what he says and on top of his offer, you'll get 20% off any purchase on my site, as well as free shipping. Thank you, Del!!

Also be sure to look out for new weekly episodes on Interius!



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